1,000-ft. water slide to save the Iron Range


Look at that beautiful thing Slide the City

 ... from lack of slippin', slidin', summertime FUN! 

That's right, folks: A 1,000-foot water slide is coming to the Iron Range city of Chisholm, Minnesota, on August 5. 

The cost? $20 for three runs or $50 for an all-day pass. The potential for fun in the sun? High. 

Unlike Wham-O Inc.'s classic/painful backyard Slip’N Slide, this super-sized slide requires riders to zoom down atop inflatable tubes. If you're under 5 years old or shorter than 46 inches, thank you for your continued support of City Pages. But we have some bad news: You'll not be able to ride the slide :-( 

In addition to blasting down Lake Street, attendees can enjoy food, music, and vendors. 

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Chisholm Community Foundation; Slide the City -- a Utah-based company that travels the country spreading the gospel of water slides -- somewhat ironically advocates for water conservation

Chisholm is about three hours north of the Twin Cities. 

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