Boy Kisses Combines Comedy, Gaming, and (Possible) Fist-Fighting

Turner Barrowman and Collin Klug are the creators and hosts of the funniest, most poignant comedy show ever created. Just ask them.

"I'll fight anyone who says their show is better than ours, anyone," says Barrowman. "Not just comedy shows, either. We're better than Andrew Zimmern, Brother Ali, John Moe, Bill Burr, George Carlin, and anyone else who has ever tried to entertain people."

While Barrowman is probably not serious (we think?), it's hard to argue that there is any other show in town that's more unique and buzzed about than the Boy Kisses Comedy Showcase.

The free show takes place every Sunday at Universe Games, and has been steadily building a following since its inception this past October. 

"It's a very loosely structured show," says Barrowman. "Me and Collin do sketches, then we have around four standup comedians, someone who does a song, and then someone does a character."

Both Barrowman and Klug are staples of the Twin Cities comedy community, and first got together after seeing each other perform at an open-mic night. From there, the duo wrote and produced a show for last year's Fringe Festival that was a hit with audiences, and decided that Boy Kisses was the next logic step in their evolution.

While there are plenty of bars and clubs in town that host comedy nights, Boy Kisses is unique in that it's the only one where a gaming tourney might break out during the show, due to its unique location.

"A couple of weeks ago the store was hosting a gaming tournament, and it ran longer than they expected, so they just moved it to the side of the room and they kept playing during the show," Barrowman explains. "So we made sure to check in during the show to see how it was going."

When asked about their venue choice for the series, Klug chimes in. "If you asked a lonely 12-year-old boy what he would want to do on a Sunday night, this would be it," he says.

Barrowman jumps back in. "We've got comedy, a DJ who plays people on and off stage, and we're surrounded by Settlers of Catan, and tons of candy."

Their show continues to draw the very best comedians from all across the state, and they plan on even bringing in some out-of-towners soon as well. For Barrowman and Klug, however, they've only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to attracting new talent.

"We've got tons of beef," Barrowman says. "That's why we're calling out anyone in the area with even the smallest bit of credibility. Whether it's John Moe, Brother Ali, Al Franken, Slug from Atmosphere, Barb Abney, or whoever, we've got a challenge. If you show up at our Boy Kisses show, you can either physically fight me, Turner, or you can have a freestyle rap battle with Collin. Literally, that challenge is wide open. If you're a bartender at Muddy Waters, we're challenging you. If you bartend at the CC Club, we're challenging you. If you drink at CC Club, we're challenging you. Show up, fight me, or rap battle Collin. Then please stay and watch our show."


Boy Kisses Comedy Showcase
Every Sunday, 7:30 p.m.
Universe Games, 711 W. Lake St.