BRLSQ Public Works Division plans 9 large murals to tell the history of Hamline-Midway


A live painting installation the Burlesque Public Works Division for the MPLS Parks Foundation. Image courtesy of

Outdoor murals tend to pop up around town during the warmer months in Minnesota. Burlesque (BRLSQ) of North America's Public Work Division, led by Wes Winship and Nick Mamayek, is taking on one of the more ambitious projects, as it's raising funds to create a nine-mural series in St. Paul.

The large-scale pieces will be on the garage doors of the American Can Company building, which currently houses trippy mini-golf party space Can Can Wonderland. Once funds are raised, Public Works plans to mine the Minnesota Historical Society and the Ramsey County Historical Society, as well as community members, for inspiration. So far, there are plans to include references to the Minnesota State Fair, James J. Hill, and the railroad system that once ran through the city.

(Here's were the works would go)

So, how are they going to pay for this? Last year, the organization received a Challenge Grant from the Knight Foundation. The project has a $40,000 budget, with the grant covering up to $20,000. Orton Developments, Can Can Wonderland, and Ironlak Paint are also backing the effort. 

That leaves about $8,500 left. So, they've launched a Kickstarter campaign. The project, which launched last week, has already raised $2,575. Folks who contribute can score posters, T-shirts, stickers, and rounds of mini-golf at Can Can. You can check it out here.

Other works from the Burlesque Public Works Division include pieces at SMAAASH in the Mall of America, the "Go Vote MN" murals at the Triple Rock Social Club and at Lyndale and 29th, and inside Can Can Wonderland. They've also created live works at Eaux Claires Fest and Soundset.  



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