Clip of 'violently Minnesotan' guys goes viral



Need a 45-second reprieve from doom-scrolling through the plague?  

You betcha. 

Enter: The following clip from TikTok channel @minnyaccent. In it, we see (presumably) Minnesotan men prepping backyard maple syrup -- with a little something extra, dontcha know. Their Minnesota accents flex to Fargo-ian extremes, resulting in a clip that's been viewed 1.4 million times via the Twitter account below plus another 1.2 million via TikTok. 

Some cyber sleuths were thrown off by the man's Chicago Bears cap, calling into question his Minnesota bonda fides. But most just riffed on our state being "diet Canada" and "Canada without the last update."

What are the true origins of this mainlined essence of Minnesotaness? This reporter downloaded the TikTok app, amid much confusion regarding "what TikTok is," and sent a message to @minnyaccent. Haven't heard back, but does that really matter? Enjoy the video, have a laugh, forget about the rampaging virus, and share this URL with all your friends and relatives. 

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