Girl Code's Carly Aquilino: "I'm Still Trying to Figure Out a Lot of the Same Things As My Fans."

While it's not uncommon for fans to strike up conversation with their favorite comedians after a show, they usually aren't looking for real-deal life advice. Then again, Carly Aquilino's career is anything but usual. 

"I'll be doing a show at a college, and girls will come up to me and ask what they should do about their boyfriends," she says. "I'm like, 'I don't know? Ride it out?' It's weird because I'm the same age as a lot of my fans and it makes me relatable, but I'm still trying to figure out a lot of the same things that they are."

Aquilino's status as a modern-day Ann Landers is the result of her hugely popular MTV show, Girl Code, sharing stories, opinions, and advice on everything, including relationship issues, cooking, and porn. The 24-year-old comedian joined the show just six months into her comedy career. When it became a hit, her star skyrocketed.

"It's definitely strange," she says of her fast track to comedy success. "I went a really different route to get where I am. I got Girl Code after only like six months in comedy, when one of the show's writers caught my standup and asked me to be in the pilot. That blew up, and next thing I knew I hit the road doing bigger gigs."

It's unusual to see a comedian with just over three years of standup experience performing in rooms the size of the Woman's Club of Minneapolis, where she'll be this Saturday night as part of Acme Comedy Co.'s Woman's Club comedian series.

While other comedians would kill for overnight headliner status, Aquilino was still trying to establish herself and build material. 

"I was like, 'Oh shit; I don't have enough material to be a headliner!'" she says. "But I met a lot of really great comedians who toured with me and helped me fill out the shows." 

No longer needing to rely on others to fill time, Aquilino has built a fan base thanks to her bubbly personality that shines both onscreen and onstage, along with material that is just as funny as it is relatable, especially to the Girl Code demographic. 

Even though fans and critics are beginning to take notice, Aquilino still constantly gets asked about one thing that has nothing to do with her comedy: her bright red hair.

"I get the hair question a lot," she laughs. "I had it for years and years, and now I'm actually trying to get it more pink than red, but I realized really quickly that my hair was sort of my calling card, especially on the show."

Regardless of her hair, the reality is that Aquilino is the breath of fresh air that MTV has needed sorely for the last several years, and she's funny enough that no one can question her incredible rise to stardom. 


Carly Aquilino
Saturday, March 21
The Woman's Club of Minneapolis
$22.50, 8 p.m.