Got $5? Buy one of Parkway Theater's many crusty-ass couches


Errrrr... Craigslist

Can a couch's (dubious) historical designation override its (obvious) crustiness? 

That's the dilemma facing local Craigslist shoppers who come across the listing for "Sofa Couch Couches !! Lots of them." The hook? These couches currently make up the first couple rows at the Parkway Theater in south Minneapolis. Sell us on 'em, Craigslist ad: 

"Want a part of movie theater history? buy one or all of these awesome and super comfortable couches. worn-in comfy feelings included."


The condition of the couches is listed, generously, as "fair." The asking price is $5 each. Has this reporter accidentally spilled taco fillings on one of these very couches? It's very possible. 

The bigger story here -- if it's even possible to top the bigness of gross local couches -- is the ongoing revitalization of the Parkway. Last month, City Pages broke news of business partners Ward Johnson and Eddie Landenberger purchasing the theater and the adjoining Mexican restaurant, Pepitos. El Burrito Mercado, a beloved institution on St. Paul's West Side, is already setting up El Burrito Minneapolis in the former Pepitos space, and Johnson plans to rejuvenate the 87-year-old venue next door. 

"The theater has one of the only 35mm projectors in the city, and we’d like to continue showcasing classic and cult movies," Johnson says of the Parkway. "As far as live music, we’d like to get the room looking and sounding great, and create a seated, performer-centric venue where the focus is on the music. Because we’re also a movie theater, we hope the ability to incorporate mixed-media and video will attract creative uses of the stage and screen by performers."

All that begins, of course, with unloading crusty-ass couches -- and you can help! 

In related news: You can also score tables, chairs, and stools from the ol' Pepitos.