It’s a COVID miracle! Boneshaker Books is reopening

Boneshaker Books

Boneshaker Books Rachel Levy

Finally! Some good news: Volunteer-run, radical shop Boneshaker Books is uncancelling itself and coming back.

In early March, the business specializing in hard-to-find radical publications, zines, LGBTQ fare, and kids’ reading, announced that it would be closing after 10 years of business.

“Faced with the decision to renew our lease in 2020, the Collective reviewed our finances and sadly, we are no longer viable,” the nonprofit stated via Facebook. 

The Seward neighborhood shop promised to host a goodbye party before shuttering permanently. However, that never happened, as the coronavirus shit hit the fan and we were forced to become antisocial mole people. 

Now it looks like Boneshaker won’t have to close. The organization launched an Indiegogo campaign a few days ago, and it’s already at 93 percent funded of its $10,000 goal.

“Selling books is a political act,” the collective states via the page. “Our curated collection of anti-oppressive literature, zines, and art gives community members the opportunity to encounter new texts and ideas in a warm, welcoming space.”

The campaign, which still has 31 days to go, includes perks like book totes, buttons, and tees; folks who go for the $250 skeleton crew tier get to pick a book that will be forever stocked and displayed in the store.

The announcement is good news for the organizations, charities, and book clubs that called Boneshaker Books home, including the Women’s Prison Book Project and the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America. Cracked Walnut (a short fiction writing group) and the Twin Cities Queer Book Club also host events there.

We’re still on lockdown, so Boneshaker doesn’t plan to literally open its doors anytime soon, but it does hope to reinstate its bike delivery service. It has also launched two online book clubs, one to be focused on the politics of pandemics, the other an “anything but pandemics” utopian fiction book club. First up? The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin.

To donate to the Indiegogo campaign, you can click here. Check out for news and updates.