Oprah’s best bud Gayle King really loves Minnesota's airport bathrooms

Thanks for the feedback, Gayle King.

Thanks for the feedback, Gayle King. @gayleking on Instagram

“The award for best bathroom goes to... Minneapolis St. Paul,” journalist and editor (and Oprah’s BFF) announced via Instagram.

The CBS This Morning co-anchor awarded the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport bathrooms with an “A” and “thumbs up.” She loves our restrooms so much that she posted a video, made a new friend named Sherri (who also approves of our bathrooms), and freaked out over the big sinks, welcoming mural, and roomy stalls (with doors that open the right way, natch).

“Never done a video about a bathroom before, but a special mommy hug to whoever designed this,” King says in the vid. “Thank you.”

“I’m convinced these bathrooms were designed by a WOMAN!” she writes.

She also took the time to shit-talk some airport bathrooms in New York, demonstrating why ours rock theirs suck.

King was in town on her way to Barron, Wisconsin, to cover the safe return of Jayme Closs, a teen who went missing for months after a stalker kidnapped her.