Pets in Halloween costumes: Let’s take a moment to appreciate the range of emotions here

Yeah. This dog is looking pretty pissed off at their situation.

Yeah. This dog is looking pretty pissed off at their situation. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Animals put up with a lot of bullshit from humans. 

Halloween is peak human bullshit time. We put you in a costume that hinders your sight and mobility, we drink a few beers while we watch you struggle, and then we laugh. This year could be worse than ever -- we can’t go out to parties, and dressing up alone is kinda sad. So we’re probably going to put a witch hat or baby Yoda costume, or something else stupid on you. 

We need this, please.

You didn’t ask for this, but most of you are good sports about it, even if we’re pretty sure some of these pics show the exact moment you realized what was happening and went dead inside. 

[Editor's note: All of these costumes can be found out Target, Party City, Chewy, PetCo., and]

Let's go!

This dog feels naked and exploited, and is bashful at the amount of skin this costume reveals.

This cat knows exactly what is going on, is displeased, but refuses to relinquish their dignity.

This dog isn’t mad; it’s just disappointed in you.

What this dog was thinking right at the moment this picture was snapped: “Whyyyyyyyy?”

“I… am…. a… monster.”

Here’s a beautiful roundup of cats exuding pure hatred and resentment.



This cat is clearly panicking that it’s wearing a cop uniform.

Guys, don’t dress your guinea pigs in racist “Mexican” costumes.

This cat feels let down that you think they're evil.

Anyone who has ever interacted with a hamster knows that it will swat or shake that hat off in mere seconds. Or it will just fall off the second it moves. 

This dog looks like it is totally okay with what is happening here. It’s just a really lame costume, right? 

We’re all miserable during the holidays, gentle creatures.