Wanna buy the tiniest house for sale in the Twin Cities?

Walgrave Real Estate Group

Walgrave Real Estate Group

Some builder in south Minneapolis got an 80-year jump start on the tiny house craze.

Built in 1929, 4351 5th Ave. S. checks in at just 530 square feet, making it the smallest home available in the Twin Cities. In fact, no other single-family property is listed below 600 square feet. Asking price for the 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom lil cutie: $100,000

“It is really cute though it’s not in the greatest of shape," reports Alicia Jirik with Walgrave Real Estate Group. "It’s a short sale, so unfortunately the seller hit a rough patch." 

Selling points include a front porch and original hardwood floors throughout. There's technically some room to expand with a full, unfinished basement. Outside, a jumbo two-car garage looms larger than the house itself. Just across the freeway, you've got solid dining options at Revival, The Lowbrow, and Apoy. 

So, sitting on valuable Regina neighborhood land, is the mini blue home long for this world?

"The right person could spruce the house up; it appears structurally OK," Jirik says. "If somebody wanted to, they could go in and flip it or rehab it. But you’ve also got people who’d tear it down for a bigger house, the lot does have a pretty big footprint." 

In other square footage news: Here's what it's like selling the largest home for sale in Minnesota, which is still available at the discounted price of $6.4 million. It's roughly 22,000 square feet bigger than the smallest.

Let's take a photo tour of 4351 5th Ave. S., courtesy of Walgrave Real Estate Group: