Cornbread Harris

Every Fri. from Feb. 21
6-9 p.m.
Music, Jazz, R&B
You might've heard of his son -- a man named Jimmy who teamed up with another man named Terry, the rest being R&B history -- but Cornbread Harris is a Twin Cities legend in his own right. Harris is a WWII vet who joined Augie Garcia to record the area's first rock'n'roll record (1955's "Hi Yo Silver"), but also has roots in country, blues and jazz, giving him the repertoire and background that stretches all the way back to the very origins of rock and soul music. Even in his eighties, he makes it a point to gig around town at least once a week -- including this longtime residency at the Loring Pasta Bar -- so there's no excuse to miss a chance at hearing a founding father of the local music scene at work.

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