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Jimmy Pardo

Daily from May 31-June 1
8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

“I tore my labrum,” Jimmy Pardo reports from his home in Los Angeles. “I went to see the movie Free Solo, about Alex Honnold, the guy who climbed El Capitan with no ropes, no carabiners, no nothing.” The film ended, and Pardo got up to leave, holding a half-eaten tub of popcorn and his soft drink. “I didn’t see a half-step, and in front of a packed matinee on a Sunday afternoon in West Los Angeles, I trip and, because I’m holding two things, I’m not able to brace myself. I fall in such a way that I bounce off a chair, then against the wall, then to the ground.” He ended up with a rug-burned arm and the aforementioned torn labrum. “So, what I’m saying is, I watched a movie about a guy who climbed a mountain with no equipment whatsoever, and I can’t leave the movie theater without injuring myself.” Last year, Pardo recorded an episode of his popular podcast, Never Not Funny, at Acme. “This time it’s just me, talking about my belt that I’ve been talking about for three years,” he says.