Somali dancers celebrate in Minnesota. Mustafa Ali


Somalis + Minnesota

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With the U.S. Somali population larger in Minnesota than anywhere else, the time is long overdue for a renewed appreciation and understanding of this diverse community whose contributions continue to enrich our ever-evolving state. “Somalis + Minnesota,” an immersive new exhibit at the Minnesota History Center, developed in collaboration with the Somali Museum of Minnesota, retraces the rich history of the group, expounding upon indigenous Somali customs and traditions before retracing the devastation wrought by the civil war that led to mass migration in the 1990s. Ultimately the exhibit leads into the present day, touching upon the innumerable ways Somali culture has been interwoven into the larger fabric of our society. Highlights include a reconstructed nomadic hut (known as an Aqal Soomaali), collections of vintage photographs, rare artifacts, commentary from Somali historians, and interactive multimedia presentations that allow everyday Somalis to recount their own unique experiences.