Best Of

Copper Pot Indian Grill

By serving proteins that are seldom used at typical Indian restaurants, providing thorough and attentive (if a little disorganized) service, and offering a decent selection of top-shelf tipples from their full bar, Copper Pot Indian Grill brings a fine-dining finish to primarily south and central Indian fare in downtown Minneapolis. The location in the Lumber Exchange building leaves something to be desired, but within these walls are bold, well-balanced dishes and lovely visual presentations. To start or share, try the luxurious Malabar blue crab cooked with coconut milk and curry leaves, or go more game-day with the perfectly charred and slightly tangy Tangri chicken wings. Vegetarian mains are all safe bets, but if you’re eating meat, order the Dum Puck, a comforting dish of lamb tenderloin cooked in a saffron-cardamom cream sauce, or the standout Tellicherry duck cooked in a tandoori oven. It’s nice to see that desserts are all house made, but the selections that are meant to cater to American tastes, like the cheesecake and ice creams, really miss the mark. Stick to the traditional kheer or syrupy fried milk balls if you want something sweet to finish a spicy meal.