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Las Teresitas Mexican Restaurant

Las Teresitas marks the return of Gaspar Perez, founder of the Taco Morelos restaurants. This time, his restaurant is extremely casual and Perez is keeping his staff small and family-oriented-his cousin cooks and his wife waits tables. It offers fresh ingredients and scratch cooking at practically Taco Bell prices. The restaurant's most distinguishing feature is the salsa bar in the center of the dining room. It's full of immaculately cut garnishes, including radishes and cucumbers, lime wedges, and house-pickled cauliflower, peppers, onions, and carrots. There are nine salsas, in various hues and heat levels, to show the sauce's wide array of flavor possibilities. Want a primer on chiles? Just scoop. Jalapeños blended with roasted tomato are relatively mild. Roasted serranos with garlic are a little hotter, as is the kicky, slightly sweet chile de árbol. Tomato chipotle salsa captures the pepper's characteristic smokiness in a creamy-but-fiery blend. Las Teresitas menu includes many popular Taco Morelos items, so expect burritos, tacos, and enchiladas topped with house-made mole, and harder-to-find meat fillings such as cabeza, lengua, and suadero.


Daily 10am-10pm



Dining Features

Lunch, No Alcohol, Reservations Not Accepted


Lot Available