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Terzo Vino Bar

The Broder family’s outstanding Terzo Vino Bar is the next installment of their Italian restaurant dynasty, and this time they're letting the grape guide the way. Instead of big plates of pasta, Terzo focuses on Venetian bar snacks: bruschetta topped with finely diced sweet summer tomatoes and a single pale yellow egg yolk; pistachio-crusted frog legs served with a preserved lemon and cucumber emulsion; grilled radicchio with curled-up anchovies, smoky pine nuts, and balsamic vinegar; heavenly sweet olive-oil poached shrimp; salumi, formaggi, and cicchetti. And though the plates may be small, the wine list is big. Really big. Like 1,000 bottles big, with about 50 offered by the glass. It’s enough to make your head spin before you even start drinking, but the staff is incredibly helpful with recommendations -- and if you’re feeling non-committal, you can always go for a half-glass pour.