"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" 'The Room'


Midnight Madness: 'The Room' with Tommy Wiseau

Aug. 15
10 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 16-17
11:55 p.m.
$20; all shows are currently SOLD OUT

When The Room came out in 2005 in a small group of theaters in California, audiences immediately fell in love with its crappiness. Written, directed, and funded by Tommy Wiseau, the film follows Johnny, an all-American investment banker (played by a thickly accented Wiseau) who finds himself in a love triangle with his heartless fiancée and his naive best friend. But the plot doesn’t matter, because what really touched audiences was the shitty acting, the nonsensical dialogue, and the bizarre editing. Why are they playing football in tuxedos in an alleyway? Why are there pictures of scissors in the background? Why is that woman so casual about having cancer? What’s up with that drug dealer subplot? We’ll never know, and that’s what makes it so funny. See it this weekend at Uptown Theatre, where Wiseau himself will be stopping by to greet fans.