Eww, who hooked up with G-Eazy, Minneapolis?

Admit it, you noticed.

Admit it, you noticed. YouTube

Minneapolis was on Saturday Night Live this weekend. OK, actually it was just the word “Minneapolis,” but still.

As host and musical guest Halsey performed her hit “Without Me,” the phrase “Ashley I cheated” appeared on the backdrop behind her. And immediately underneath that? “In Minneapolis.”

(Yes, other cities, including New Orleans and Austin, were scrawled there as well but a) not as prominently and b) we don’t live there.)

The message, as anyone even slightly versed in Halsey lore is aware, was meant to be interpreted as coming from Gerald “G-Eazy” Gillum, the singer’s super-gross on-and-off rapper boyfriend. (And Halsey's birth name is Ashley.)

City Pages cannot confirm that G-Eazy indulged in a bold northern infidelity while passing through town and, yuck, doesn’t really want to, quite frankly. We will say, however, that G-Eazy should be very allegedly ashamed of his alleged conduct.

However, it’s doubtful that “shame” is within the emotional repertoire of a man who, while touting his line of flavored whiskeys, said these two sentences in a row: “There’s a Mint Chip, this is my favorite one. Johnny Cash is my biggest hero in music.”

(Halsey doesn’t drink flavored whiskey. She drinks fuckin’ Yoo-hoo while eating pork roll on a bagel, which is such a Jersey move it makes Springsteen look like he’s from Mankato.)

For the record, this is a pro-Halsey website. As for Gerald, he’s “the worst thing to happen to black leather jackets since Andrew Dice Clay, who had better rhymes.”

Is it a sign of desperation that we get excited when our city’s name incidentally appears in the context of a pop star outing her skeevy former boyfriend as a serial cheater on live TV? Hmm, maybe, hadn’t thought about that.

Then again, you’re the one who clicked on this story, pal.

P.S. We don’t really want to know who it was.