First Ave rolls out new merch: Book Box, smoking paraphernalia

First Ave is now selling all kinds of papers.

First Ave is now selling all kinds of papers. First Avenue

Winter is setting in. Live music is still on hiatus. A lot of us will be stuck indoors for months. But there’s one thing you can do at home alone by yourself that will always make you happy.

No, not that, perv. I’m talking about reading. And First Avenue, which is seeking new revenue streams as COVID keeps music clubs shuttered and Mitch McConnell twiddles his horrifyingly discolored thumbs instead of acting on the Save Our Stages bill, has some reading material to keep you occupied.

Say hello to the Book Box. Local shops Moon Palace, Next Chapter, Subtext, and (for yer kids) Wild Rumpus will provide one music-related book. (I have some suggestions.) And the box will also contain a surprise First Avenue merch item. (After a year of bad surprises, how about a good one for a change?) You can order one, or start a monthly subscription.

(By the way, congrats to Angela and Jamie Schwesnedl, Moon Palace’s owners, for winning the Midwest Bookseller of the Year award.)

In other First Ave merch news, we noticed they also now sell a grinder and rolling paper set “for your legal smoking needs,” as their disclaimer puts it. Speaking of things you can do at home alone to make the winter pass quicker.