Gully Boys and City Girls released the week's best new songs

Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls YouTube, Esdras T. Thelusma

This column doesn't distinguish between local and non-local music. If it's good, it gets added to the playlist. But I do want to point out that the selection is 1/3 Minnesotan this week.

Drive-By Truckers “Armageddon’s Back in Town”

Patterson Hood whips through a regretful narrative with the urgency of a guy who’s worried you’ll cut him off before he gets it all out, his story a flurry of detail without context, as though we’re overhearing him struggle to explain or excuse himself to someone who’s heard this all before.

Cornershop – “No Rock: Save In Roll”

The chances that you love this as much as I do? Low, I know. But I’ve been in the bag for Tjinder Singh’s unfussy Velvets-gone-global groove since Spin magazine heard it as the future of rock and roll more than 20 years ago. Here the guitars and backup gals suggest T. Rex, as though to say the future of rock and roll is what it’s been for decades: its past.

Take A Daytrip feat. Rico Nasty, slowthai, ICECOLDBISHOP “Lighthouse” 

The credited producers are responsible for Lil Nas X’s “Panini” and Sheck Wes’ “Mo Bamba.” Here their melodic synth-bass offers fertile turf for an unlikely but effective team-up between two of rap’s distinctive newer voices: slowthai’s blunted consonants and Rico Nasty’s rambunctious jostle.

City Girls  “You Tried It”

More songs about fucking (someone else’s man) and shopping (with his credit card)—or at least one more song. This is the story of, and I quote, a “side bitch winning,” hollered out over the Miami-est of beats.

Gully Boys – “New Song No. 2”

Now that you’ve spent some time with the high-concept video, featuring the Boys being boys and brilliantly imitating some of rock and pop’s finer fellows, let’s not overlook the song itself, which rocks with the playful assurance of a band who seem to not have turned down a gig offer in the past 18 months. They’ve currently got a Sunday night residency at the Entry.

Ahem – “Wishing Well”

The high point on their new Try Again, an album that hardly lacks for peaks. “I don’t wanna wait another day, another hour” is easily sung; the trick is concocting music to make that anticipation feel true. And the abrupt stops, guitar drop-outs, and building momentum here all do the trick so well you could almost call ’em the Even Newer Pornographers. 

Every week, music editor Keith Harris scours the vast musicscape for six worthy tracks to add to City Pages' ever-expanding 2019 playlist.