Picked to Click 2020 No. 9: niiice.


niiice. Bethünni Schreiner

A few themes pop up over and over in niiice. songs. Getting stoned. Staying inside. Getting stoned and staying inside. And the fact that winter sucks.

“I hate the cold so much,” says niiice. vocalist-guitarist Roddie Gadeberg. “Growing up, I always told myself I am not moving somewhere that is cold. Fuck that. I don’t want my face to hurt when I go outside. So I moved to Minnesota. It’s worse!”

Gadeberg and drummer Sage Livergood hail from Montana—bassist Abe Anderson is from here and, for the record, doesn’t mind the cold that much—and they’re quick to denounce their home state, too. (It’s brown and covered in grasshoppers and “everything catches on fire.”)

But niiice.’s great gift (on songs or in interviews) is making complaints (about the weather, or your job, or friends who are ignoring you) in a way that doesn’t sound... so complain-y? “The weather’s fucked, life fucking sucks—but what’s new with you?” Gadeberg sings on “Snowbored,” from last year’s infinitely play-on-repeat-able EP Never Better.

On their new full-length Internet Friends, grievances range from small-scale annoyances to big-picture anxieties. They might pinball from the fact that “my back hurts really bad” to “I feel like I’m wasting my life,” as they do on single “Shlonkey Kong.” On “2 Hi,” there’s “too much noise,” and on “FRESCO MODE,” “I can’t make myself smile.”

But it’s all buoyed by bouncing guitars and Gadeberg’s scream-along delivery. They’re self-described party punx, and whining to the point of being annoying definitely doesn’t count as partying. (Right, Andrew WK?)

Of course, it’s a tough time to be a party punk. Niiice. used to play, like, 10 shows a month. With venues closed and that goddamn cold moving in, it’s not a great time to be a band with a lot of live energy.

“What I’m actually more scared about than releasing this album is that I’m not going to have anything to look forward to. That’s kind of been the only thing keeping me going,” Livergood told us days beforeInternet Friends dropped. Plus, “I have a fear that everyone’s gonna like—not even forget about us, just shows in general.”

Gadeberg shares that fear—will everyone go to shows again as readily as he will? But he’s holding out hope: “When shows do come back eventually, I think it’ll be pretty lit.... They’ve gotta be.” 

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