The weekend's best concerts: Nov. 22-24

Anthony Hamilton will be at Mystic Lake on Friday.

Anthony Hamilton will be at Mystic Lake on Friday. Publicity photo

It's the weekend. But you don't need me to tell you that.

Friday 11.22

Bill Evans-Jim Hall tribute @ Jazz Central
The piano-guitar duets of Evans and Hall in the 1960s paired two of the most refined and innovative lyricists in jazz history. Their interplay was lush and lustrous, yet remarkable for its restraint and utilitarian in its accessibility, like a mahogany bannister curving down the stairs of an old mansion. The metro’s most accomplished Evans disciple, Larry McDonough, meets up with guitarist Joel Shapira to revisit classic cuts from Undercurrents (1963) and Intermodulation (1966), including the duo’s indelible versions of “My Funny Valentine” and “Darn That Dream.” 8:30 p.m. $10. 407 Central Ave. SE, Minneapolis. More info here.—Britt Robson

SPCO plays Mendelssohn’s “Italian Symphony” @ Ordway
You don’t have to have visited the sunny fields and meadows of southern Italy to appreciate the bucolic splendor of Felix Mendelssohn’s “Italian Symphony” from the 1830s. In the fourth and final movement, the melodic sweep of folk dances are writ large, swirling, bursting and regathering, a fitting bookend for the soaring heights and busy undercurrent of the opening movement. Francois Leleux conducts after being featured on the oboe for Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words,” and, before intermission, Haydn’s “Oboe Concerto.” 11 a.m. Also Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. $12-$50. 345 Washington St., St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

Anthony Hamilton @ Mystic Lake
Hamilton specializes in the uplift of vintage R&B, the kind that mixes gospel testimony with romantic fidelity. His last big hit, “Amen,” from 2016, epitomizes this, but as far back as “Charlene,” where he declares, “Damn the money, diamonds and pearls/What about the hard day she had with her baby?” he’s tapped into love that eschews the transactional for the day-to-day meat of the matter. It’s a sweet spot between Bill Withers and Al Green, and it ironically now requires a large outlay at a casino to witness. 8 p.m. $70-$232. 2400 Mystic Lake Blvd., Prior Lake. More info here.—Britt Robson

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Saturday 11.23

Schoolboy Q @ Armory
Of the rappers who once were more pointed about presenting themselves as a group called Black Hippy, Schoolboy Q has the most conventional persona: He’s a truculent party boy with a deep-voiced snarl and a bobbing, declarative flow, equally given to loud flexing and solemn, detailed gangsta stories. Yet he’s also recorded fabulous, hypnotic pop singles (“Collard Greens,” with frequent collaborator Kendrick Lamar) and weirdly ethereal experimental tracks (“Man of the Year” samples the Chromatics). His new Crash Talk is a casual, comfortable, summery L.A. party-rap album, his breeziest and most unruffled yet, abounding with slick, blaring flute hooks (“5200”), tightly wound electrofunk grooves (“Chopstix”), shiny bounce everywhere, even a token R&B slow jam with Ty Dolla $ign and YG (“Lies”). Where once he favored Digi+Phonics-produced beats whose dark, murky bass rumble exuded a pungent, ominous cannabinoid odor, he’s now rapping over sweeter synthetic blends, and his voice has lightened too. With Nav. 6:30 p.m. $37-$67+. 500 S. Sixth St., Minneapolis. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

Chris Janson @ Treasure Island
What distinguishes Chris Janson from your average loud country arena-rocker is his shamelessness, his willingness to try out absolutely any style of country song, even (especially?) if it contradicts his persona on the previous song. His new Real Friends lets loose with soaring saxophone anthems (“Mine Does”), glistening nuggets of homiletic wisdom (“Everybody’s Going Through Something”), and fist-pumping, chest-thumping male-bonded love duets (the title track, with Blake Shelton). With Thompson Square. 12+. 8 p.m. $39+. 5734 Sturgeon Lake Road, Welch. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

Yotto @ Skyway
“Is This Trance?” wonders Yotto on a track whose upbeat drum machines and shimmering percussive synthesizers sound anything but. On both his own instrumental songs and his pop remixes (with Coldplay, Diplo, Gorillaz, and Röyksopp), the Finnish house DJ specializes in spiritual uplift through the hypnotic repetition of rhythm tracks. 18+. 8 p.m. $25. 711 Hennepin Ave. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

Twin Cities Jazz Sampler Vol. 3 CD release @ Black Dog
For the third time in five years, local trumpeter, bandleader, and gig-booker Steve Kenny has compiled a broad swath of some of the best jazz ensembles in the area. As with the first two releases, Sampler Vol.3 captures a sweep of styles from big and small bands, and emphasizes innovative original material from stalwart veterans and formidable newcomers. Three of those bands—the Ted Olsen Ensemble, the Lila Ammons Jazz Group and the Steve Kenny Quartet—are set to perform. It will be week 287 of Kenny booking Saturdays at the Black Dog, and both Volume 3 and a boxed set of all three volumes, which include 40 different groups from the past eight years—will be on sale. 7 p.m. $10 donation suggested. 308 East Prince St., St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

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Sunday 11.24

Helmet @ Varsity Theater
As one of the longest-running and most plainly dressed experimental metal bands, Helmet rock brutally and crunchily, with a light, humane touch and a buoyant punk beat. Their riffs bite, but they also breathe easy, played with an underlying, modest simplicity. Their current tour celebrates their 30th anniversary as a band. 18+. 7 p.m. $20. 1308 Fourth St. SE. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

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