Alec Majerus went from skating Minneapolis streets to competing in its X Games


Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

One day when Alec Majerus was eight years old, his big brother brought him a skateboard borrowed from one of the neighborhood riffraff. They kicked around all day. Alec felt real joy, enough to make his little heart burst. Come Christmas, they both asked for boards of their own. And they got them.

The skate park was Alec’s daycare. During the summer, his registered nurse mom would drop him at the skate park at 7:30 in the morning and pick him up at 7:30 at night. He and his friends would start at the park, wander into town for food, and end up skating all over. The sweetest spot was Kellogg Middle School, with its handrails and ledges.

At 13, Alec won his first national contest and got $2,500 to pay for all his snacks year-round. At 14 he did it again and got sponsored. He took 10th and 11th grade online so he could travel the country for competitions, and returned to school his senior year just for the chance to graduate in real life.

Now 22, he lives in California where the parks are mammoth, and he and his kind are understood. Going pro means he never has to ask his mom for pocket money. And he gets to do the thing he loves most in life every day, from the moment he opens his eyes and hops on his board, until the sun sets over Long Beach.

Other than that, he doesn’t want for much.

“I just wanna keep skating and keep doing what I’m doing right now. I live for skating. I got nothing else to do,” he says.


Eric Lars Bakke/ ESPN Images

“If I’m hurt and I can’t skate for a couple days, I just go crazy. [Skating] takes your mind off everything. You’re only focused on landing the trick. You’re not thinking about what’s going on in the world. You’re just having fun.” 

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