Andrew Wiggins makes sound that sounds like 'gay,' everyone freaks out [VIDEO]

This is the exact moment Andrew Wiggins made a noise that made the internet freak out. He's not apologizing. He's denying he said anything wrong.

This is the exact moment Andrew Wiggins made a noise that made the internet freak out. He's not apologizing. He's denying he said anything wrong. Twitter

Andrew Wiggins tried dunking on Nerlens Noel last night. It didn't go well for Noel, who crashed to the ground and hit his head so hard we're not even going to post the video here.

After the game, Wiggins was interviewed about an angry reaction from Noel's teammate Dennis Schroder, who said and did enough to Wiggins that his Timberwolves teammate Jeff Teague got in Schroder's face, shoved him, and got tossed from the game. (Note: The below video is safe to watch. No one's head gets smashed in this one.)

Wiggins, a thoughtful young man who recently called out some Minnesota fans as "shitty," and stood by it, was asked why he thought Schroder got so angry at him for... trying to score two points... by dunking the basketball. 

"I don't know what's wrong with him," Wiggins said, laughing.

Wiggins claims he tripped up on his words, and that it was an accident when his mouth inadvertently made the sound "gay." What came out sounds a little like Wiggins said "he [Schroder] was just gay." Within an instant, he was finishing his thought, and saying: "he was just acting crazy for no reason."

But by then, the damage was done. For reasons beyond us, it was assumed that Wiggins' go-to insult of an opposing player is "gay," a word that's sort of fallen out of fashion as a diss, unless you're still 13. News stories were written. Sports Illustrated has changed its headline, but earlier this morning had accepted as fact that Wiggins had called Schroder "gay," and had to backpedal. ESPN did the same thing.

They're wrong. Wiggins is not apologizing. He's denying it, and saying he not only has no ill will for the non-hetero community, but loves them.

Let's, uh, give Andrew the benefit of the doubt here and not rush to judgment. Most often these days, the terms "political correctness" and "social justice warrior" are pretty much a dog whistle stand-in for "why can't Megyn Kelly and her friends do blackface and try out their black accents?" 

But smart, kind people do themselves no favors by trying to be the first one out of the gate to call out someone who, literally in this case, simply misspoke.

Enunciation ain't easy. Try saying that five times fast. 

Wiggins hit some key free throws, assisted on a late 3-pointer to seal the game, and finished with 40 points in this win. But his most important points came after the game, when he said he hopes Nerlens Noel recovers from his head injury, and no, he doesn't know why Dennis Schroder wanted to pick a fight, and yes, he loves gay people. Gotta like a guy who says all that, don'tcha?

And in the only real, important news in this story: Nerlens Noel's condition is unknown. We wish him a swift recovery.