Best of the Twin Cities 2017


Photo: Emily Utne; Model: Tay with Ignite Models; Styling: Sarah White

We’re here in the Twin Cities for different reasons. Maybe your family’s here. Or you moved for a job, or stayed for one after graduating from a local college. Maybe you made your best friends here, or fell in love.

Whatever the reason for you personally, there are also any number of undeniable enticements we all share. From world-class dining to epic happy-hour deals, from art museums to arcades, from killer dance nights to placid lakes, they’re what make us more than happy with our little slice of flyover country.

Each year, City Pages puts together our Best of the Twin Cities issue and gets a chance to dive deep into all the rad, righteous things we love about this town. Our staffers and freelancers compile a list of all the best people, places, and things; then we ask you to vote in our Readers’ Choice polls to name the popular picks in some of those same categories.

Click here to browse our picks, plus the results from the Readers Choice Contest.

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