Buffalo churches vandalized, plastered with 'Jesus was gay' posters

This guy plastered a handful of Buffalo churches with 'Jesus was gay' posters.

This guy plastered a handful of Buffalo churches with 'Jesus was gay' posters.

Police are looking for the young man responsible for vandalizing five Buffalo churches between Saturday and Monday.

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In four of the cases, church doors were plastered with handmade posters that said something to the effect of, 'Jesus was gay.' The posters also depicted the Christian son of God engaging in homosexual acts.

[jump] The affected churches are St. Francis Xavier, Zion Lutheran, 7th Day Adventist, Buffalo Presbyterian, and Hosanna Lutheran.

Regarding the posters, KARE provides a bit more information:
"Very vile language describing his idea of Jesus," says Pastor Rob Jarvis with Hosanna Lutheran Church LCMS.

Pastor Jarvis found the poster on Sunday before services that contained homosexual content. The content apparently so offensive that no one, including the police, would quote it exactly.

"There are comments made in the posters that would certainly be considered sacrilegious regarding Jesus and there are also some homosexual overtones," says Buffalo Police Chief Mitch Wenztel.
Three of the churches also suffered property damage, including smashed front doors and broken stained-glass windows.

Officials initially thought the vandalism might be connected with the Minnesota marriage amendment, but whether or not there's a connection remains unclear.

From Fox:
So far, officials say there is no clear link between the vandalism and the controversial marriage amendment. The churches that were struck differ in their stances and there was no mention of voting on the signs.

"At first, I thought it might have because there was some homosexual language and overtones on the poster -- but as I've been hearing a little bit more and talking with police about it, we're doubting that might actually be the issue," [said Hosanna Pastor Jarvis].
Nonetheless, as they've done throughout the summer and early fall, amendment supporters, including Minnesota for Marriage Deputy Campaign Manager Andy Parrish, sought to use the vandalism to bolster their campaign:
-- Andy Parrish (@AndyParrishMN) September 25, 2012 No arrest has been made in connection with the church vandalism, but police have released a surveillance image of the suspect (at top of this post). He's described as a stocky white male in his 20s with reddish-blond hair and a short beard, standing just under six-feet tall.