Can they do that to his salary?

You like that?

You like that? Mary McGuire (@mcguirereports)

Kirk Cousins — the divisive, highly compensated, mortality-aware quarterback who has led the Vikings to an 0-3 start — is bad. 

And now, in all its omniscient glory, the invisible hand of the market reflects that fact... at least in terms of jersey pricing at Mall of America memorabilia shop Pro Image Sports. That's where you can score a stitched Cousins jersey for $49, a price that plummeted from $150 last week, store manager Jesse Kern tells us. 

Cousins gear has never been a huge seller, Kern says, but the $33 million QB's recent play hasn't exactly stoked demand.

"It’s just a situation where we have a lot of stock and fans just do not want his jersey," he says. "[Cousins] could throw for 500 yards and five TDs next week and people will still won’t buy it."

Which Vikings jerseys are big sellers? Star running back Dalvin Cook (fresh off a career day against Tennessee), explosive edge rusher Danielle Hunter (our Best Viking of 2020), and throwback legends like Fran Tarkenton (who's apparently on LinkedIn!), Kern reports. 

In the past, Cousins reliably put up gaudy numbers but would shrivel when a play broke down or the stakes become too high. In 2020, the 32-year-old Michigan State grad is not even delivering the stats; his QBR rating of 32.0 ranks 28th in the league.

"People get more and more negative on him, and we have a decent amount of jerseys to push through," Kern says with a chuckle. "We're just trying to pump 'em out."

Update (10/20): Following a three-interception performance from Cousins, Kern amplified his efforts to pump 'em out: