Careless SUV driver smacks right into Minneapolis traffic agent [VIDEO]


Minneapolis is reminding drivers to not hit people standing right in front of them.

You can watch this video over and over, and what you see will never make sense.

In the foreground, a male traffic agent stands outside a parking garage, guiding vehicles out into traffic. On this day, he got the easier gig.

In the background, Minneapolis traffic control agent Jennifer Schlosser stands in the middle of the road, directing cars as they turn from Fifth Avenue onto Third Street in downtown Minneapolis. Most of the drivers do the appropriate, polite thing, slowing down and leaving a wide berth between themselves and Schlosser.

Then a red GMC SUV flies into the screen and smashes into Schlosser, tossing the city employee onto the hood as though she isn't a human being standing in the middle of the street wearing a neon yellow vest. 

The accident, which occured last September, left Schlosser shaken up and with badly damaged ligaments in her leg, but no other significant injuries, the Star Tribune reports

Schlosser told her story at a Tuesday morning press conference, where she called attention to the need for drivers to be aware of traffic agents. A good thought, that. 

Also important: for them to be more aware of what's right in front of the hood of their car

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