Fastest Packer arrested for allegedly making dumbest joke at airport


Dude... NFL

A very fast man allegedly made a very dumb joke. 

Trevor Davis -- the Green Bay Packers' wideout who runs a blazing 4.42 40-yard dash -- was arrested Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport. 

Davis, 24, approached the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter counter with a female traveling companion,TMZ reports. When asked routine security questions about his luggage, the 2016 fifth-round draft pick turned to his companion and reportedly made the one joke you never make at airports: 

"Did you remember to pack the explosives?"

Playing along, she responded "yes," law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

The cops apparently didn't find the exchange funny.

Davis was booked for misdemeanor criminal threats. Following a mug-shot session, he was quickly released after posting $15,000 bond, reports. The woman was not arrested. 

The Packers organization issued the following boilerplate statement early Monday: 

"[We] are aware of the matter involving Trevor Davis. We are in the process of gathering more information and will refrain from making any further comment as it is an ongoing legal matter."

Green Bay released veteran wide receiver Jordy Nelson in March, meaning Davis (in theory) has a chance to move up the depth chart. His airport decorum will need some coaching. As will most other areas of his game; Davis has only accumulated eight catches through his first two seasons. His bone-headed decisions while returning kicks and punts have frustrated Packer fans, including the one writing this sentence. 

As much as Vikings fans might wanna laugh at this news item, a former Vike still holds the all-time record for Dumbest Airport Incident Involving an NFL Player. Of course, we're talking about Onterrio Smith's "Original Whizzinator" ordeal at MSP back in 2005.