For kids, the N-word is everywhere, blasting from a car near you


With the N-word flying from songs and speech, Mark Twain is tame by comparison. Library of Congress

Reader Steve Frederick responds to Atticus Finch, Huck Finn expelled from Duluth Public Schools reading lists:

I stopped at 7-11 one day last summer. As I was pulling in to park, I heard the thundering bass of one of those car stereos that you can hear six blocks away.

By the time I was exiting my truck, the source of all that noise had pulled in next to me. A very large white girl exited the car and went inside, leaving an African-American male in the passenger seat.

He/they left the music at an ear splitting, window-rattling level. In the 45 seconds I was there, the song referred to cops as pigs, women as bitches and hoes, and used the N-word at least 6 times.

There was 5 or 6 young kids sitting on the curb, taking a break from their bike ride. I wonder what they’re going to think when their school bans these books for containing the N-word? 


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