Let's all be more like this Minneapolis man bike-dancing on a street corner [VIDEO]


Minneapolis drivers on Lake Street and Chicago Avenue got a special performance on Monday morning.

 At 7:45 on Monday morning, most people stuck at intersections just want to get to work.

Actually, what they want is to go back home and get back in bed. Maybe see if this weekend's got another day left in it. 

What they must do is crawl along in traffic mindlessly until finally they find a parking spot, and have run out of excuses for avoiding their office's front door. 

We say: Stop doing that! Don't drive to work anymore. Instead, try doing what this man's doing. Dancing up a damn storm with his bike on a south Minneapolis street corner.

This joyful scene was captured by local country-singin' frontman Tre Aaron, while on his way to his less-exciting, less-twangy day job earlier this week. The man seen boogieing with his bicycle is standing on the corner of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue -- as you'll see, a busy intersection that time of day.

As he coasted to a stop at a red light, Aaron noticed the man doing what looked like "odd motions" over on the sidewalk. When he realized this was a "full song"-long dance, Aaron quickly whipped out his phone and started filming. 

"Dude just had to get his dance on," Aaron says. 

Aaron reports our locked-into-the-groove bicyclist was still movin' after the light changed, and he and his car pulled through the intersection.

Jealous, aren't you? We bet the rest of this guy's Monday was cooler than yours, too. 

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