Mankato dating app hookup goes horribly awry, ends in stabbing

Tywanda Lorraine Johnson told authorities her date was not leaving her apartment fast enough.

Tywanda Lorraine Johnson told authorities her date was not leaving her apartment fast enough. Blue Earth County Jail

On Saturday afternoon, Mankato police officers responded to a distress call at Rosa Place apartments to find a man nursing a one-inch stab wound in the center of his back, according to a complaint filed in Blue Earth County District Court on Monday.

The bleeding man said he’d used a dating app called Tag to connect with 22-year-old Tywanda Lorraine Johnson. He’d come to Mankato to meet up and have sex.

When the man arrived at the apartment, he jumped in the shower, and was standing in the bathroom drying off when Johnson “began to freak out on him,” according to the complaint. Johnson allegedly yelled at the man to get out and threatened him with a chair. The man fought off that attack and was collecting his things when Johnson threatened to stab him.

The victim was still collecting his things when Johnson "approached him aggressively with a knife in her hand," the complaint says. The man said he grabbed Johnson by the wrist to avoid getting slashed. Then, still naked, he grabbed his bags and stumbled for the door. It was then, he told police, that Johnson stabbed him in the back. He got dressed in the hallway, dialed 911, and at some point figured out there was $160 missing from his pants pocket.

Johnson's version of events is different, telling cops the man was greeted with a hug and allowed to use the shower, and then the two of them had settled in the living room. He allegedly started performing oral sex, but at some point, Johnson got uncomfortable, and told him to stop. He did—but then they “got into an argument.”

Johnson allegedly told him to leave, but he refused, and started grabbing at Johnson. In this narrative, the chair was merely a defense mechanism, which the victim deflected, and responded by hitting Johnson in the arm. 

Johnson was freaked out, and decided the man wasn’t moving fast enough, according to the complaint, so the “scared” tenant proceeded to the bathroom and stabbed him.

Johnson's now facing charges of felony assault and misdemeanor theft. On Monday, Johnson's public defender filed a motion to dismiss the charges citing a lack of probable cause.