McMansions aren't cool anymore

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

It's official: McMansions are officially uncool

So says the Pioneer Press. The size of American homes isn't on the rise after 100 years and people are actually willing to pay more for a smaller house. What has our country come to? Live the American dream!

Man lured ex to his home for one last goodbye, allegedly murdered her

The killer sent one text message to his ex-girlfriend before she arrived at his door: "All I want is five minutes. Just come and say goodbye. You don't even have to take your coat off." A police investigation found that he lured Brittany Givens-Copeland to his Burnsville apartment where police believe he strangled her to death. Givens-Copeland was 24 and had a 4-month-old son.

Minnesota businesses don't like men

About seven of every 10 Minnesotans who applied for jobless benefits in 2008 were men. Only men in North Dakota had it worse than Minnesotans. That's depressing. Long live women! Unfortunately jobs held by men still bring in more money to a household, leaving many families struggling to make ends meet.

Minnesotans are too depressed to even gamble away their dwindling income

Minnesota's casinos, run by the American Indian tribes, are suffering in the tough economy too. Maybe people have realized that gambling away their small pocket of change isn't always the best investment.

South High's Tayler Hill could beat basketball scoring record Tuesday night

Minneapolis South High's basketball superstar Tayler Hill is just 25 points away from tying the state's career scoring record among girls and boys. The record currently stands at 3,694, set in 2005 by current Gophers player Katie Ohm of Elgin-Millville. She's averaged 31.7 points this season and has scored 25 or more in 20 of the 23 games. The Tigers are 129-16 since she joined the team. As a senior, she's narrowed her college choices to Duke, Marquette, Minnesota, and Texas.