'Minnesota credibility' tweet goes viral as heck, exposes us all as frauds

Pictured: A view of downtown St. Paul from the roof of the capitol building of Minnesota, a state we're just learning is full of frauds.

Pictured: A view of downtown St. Paul from the roof of the capitol building of Minnesota, a state we're just learning is full of frauds. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

If you're a regular participant in the local Twitter scene, you 1) already know what's coming in this blog post and 2) should probably explore healthier hobbies. 

(jk lol.) 

On the other hand, if for some reason you don't spend valuable seconds of every few minutes checking for new notifications or DMs on maybe the worst website/app/timesuck ever invented, you might've missed a tweet Kevin Gallatin posted Friday morning. 

Gallatin, an Army veteran and St. Paul resident whose account often features news or thoughts about public transportation and pedestrian or bicycle advocacy, decided to challenge friends and followers. What, he wondered, is the thing that is least Minnesotan about them? What's the habit, taste, or trait that should pretty much get them kicked out of this glorious place via an official decree of Gov. Tim Walz?

As of this morning, Gallatin's tweet (which he's wisely pinned to the top of his account) has been replied to 1,700-some times. That's a lot. Let's look at some of the replies, starting with Gallatin's own, which, coupled with the original, means our new friend Kevin has absolutely wrecked his reputation with lovers of the outdoors AND the local music scene.

Such bravery is to be admired. These are dark times for anyone who isn't "#doingthemost," "#killingit," or trying to "#breaktheinternet." (Seriously, if anyone could do that last one it might be worth trying. Let us know.) 

As oft-tweeted phrases, Gallatin's tweets and their many, many responses would probably fall under the umbrella of "keeping it 100," so maybe this level of self-exposure is so uncool that it's actually cool.

Examining such an inquiry and its replies raises a question of its own: Is the arc of "I'm Not Cool" Local Twitter™ so long and twisted that it eventually connects with "I'm Cool" Local Twitter™? 

It's a difficult concept to consider, especially since it doesn't matter or mean anything.

Anyway. Here are some tweets about the expectations put upon Minnesotans. Take comfort in them, and please share your own state-based shortcomings with fellow citizens. We all make mistakes, we all have our flaws. Living here isn't one of them.

There are so many more! Literally 1,700-some. They can be found here. Feel free to join this cred-killing tweet party. It's judgment day. Stop hiding, coward, and turn yourself in to the authorities—by which, strangely, and with not a small amount of remorse, we mean: Twitter.