MN for Marriage still wants you to falsely believe Buffalo church vandal was pro-gay

Minnesota for Marriage's logic apparently goes something like this: Our signs get vandalized, therefore you should vote yes.

Minnesota for Marriage's logic apparently goes something like this: Our signs get vandalized, therefore you should vote yes.

Minnesota for Marriage, the state's leading anti-gay marriage group, enjoys portraying itself as a victim. The organization's Twitter and Facebook pages are replete with posts decrying the defacing of its yard signs, featuring images like the one above, as if that provides good reason to vote in favor of enshrining a same-sex marriage ban in the state constitution.


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So it makes sense that Minnesota for Marriage sought to use a recent string of vandalism at Buffalo churches to bolster its campaign. But they continue to do so five days after officials made it clear the church vandal was motivated by "his anger with God," not support for gay rights.

[jump] The vandal broke windows at a number of churches and plastered posters that said something to the effect of, 'Jesus was gay.' In the wake of the vandalism, some speculated it might've had something to do with the Minnesota marriage amendment, but that possibility was quickly ruled out when Wade Murray, 30, was arrested hours after news of the property damage went public.


From the Star Tribune:

"The suspect explained that he was motivated to commit these acts due to his anger with God over personal issues; there was no mention of, nor any indication of, political motivations to the suspect's actions," [Buffalo Police Chief Mitch] Weinzetl said Wednesday night...

"I originally thought the vandalism might have been related to the amendment because of the poster, but there was nothing indicating the amendment on the posters, and the random selection of churches would also probably dismiss that theory," [Hosanna Lutheran Church Pastor Rob] Jarvis said. "But I wonder if all the talk about the [marriage] amendment might have aggravated this particular person."

Yet nearly a week later, this post remains up on Minnesota for Marriage's Facebook page:

The comments on the post make clear that many still don't understand the vandalism had nothing to do with the marriage amendment whatsoever.

This isn't the first time Minnesota for Marriage has used deception for its purposes. To take just one example, early last month, one of the organization's Minnesota Marriage Minute videos blatantly misinterpreted a widely discredited academic study about parenting to make a case that "there are many major, highly negative differences" between outcomes for kids raised by heterosexual couples and those raised by gays.