New Timberwolves superstar Jimmy Butler wants you to call his cellphone


Jimmy Butler, dishing his digits to the haters at Thursday's introductory press conference NBA TV

When the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Jimmy Butler last week from the Chicago Bulls, they knew mostly what they were getting: a dynamic, two-way All-Star swingman who's smack dab in his prime. 

Turns out the Wolves also got an extremely available superstar. That evidence emerged Thursday during Butler's introductory press conference at the Mall of America in Bloomington. 

When a reporter asked Butler about reports of his alleged attitude problems as a Bull, Butler invited haters to contact him directly.  

"It's not frustrating; it's expected. Somebody's gotta take the blame -- I'll be that guy, I'm OK with it. I'm fine," the 6-foot-7 Texan responded. "Everybody's entitled to their opinion. But with that being said, my phone's in my back pocket right now. If whoever has anything to say to me, feel free: 773-899-6071. So if you want an interview, there you have it. Please do. Remember that." 

The line was met with roars of laughter from the sportswriters in attendance. 

Here's video of Jimmy Buckets dishing out his cellphone number:

City Pages tried calling Butler multiple times, but only received busy signals. He's not yet responded to our text: 


If you're lucky enough to get through to Butler's voicemail message, this is your reward:

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