Real-life 'Grand Theft Auto' scene in south Minneapolis caught on tape [VIDEO]

Millions of people have played 'Grand Theft Auto.' For a few shocking moments on Sunday, this guy lived it.

Millions of people have played 'Grand Theft Auto.' For a few shocking moments on Sunday, this guy lived it. Twitter

What the fuck happened on Lake Street Sunday?

Pedestrians and motorists on the busy south Minneapolis thoroughfare took in a scene straight out of a video game Sunday evening featuring one crash followed by a brazen carjacking.

The theft occurred on the intersection of Lake and Cedar Avenue, just next to the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, and was watched by dozens of witnesses, at least a couple of whom dutifully whipped out their phones to record it. 

The scene appears to have started with a crash in that intersection, as two smashed-up cars are seen stopped next to each other. Our villain walks right down the middle of Lake Street, where traffic has come to a halt, and approaches a white car. 

Finding its passenger side unlocked, he opens it and hops in, and a moment later the woman driving jumps out. She then decides to try getting back in, but finds the door locked -- this is probably for the best, as the man filming yells to her: "Hey girl, watch out! He's crazy!"

The engine revs once, and the car makes a screeching escape heading west on Lake.

Another video from the same crime spree shows the man also attempted climbing into a van, and, in an even scarier attempt, tried boarding a Metro Transit bus.(The driver wisely refused to let him on.)

Details are scant on just what happened here, though WCCO reports the man was later arrested. WCCO's report does not mention the incident at Lake and Cedar, nor does it give the name of the man, who is said to be in custody.

We'll update this story with more details as they become available.

UPDATE: The Minneapolis Police Department issued a statement with the narrative behind what you're seeing above, and it's a doozy: Turns out the man in these clips was involved in four accidents in a short span of time. The police statement has been pasted in below in full.

On September 8th at approximately 4:20 PM, an adult male got into an altercation with security in the area of the 2900 block of Chicago Ave., South. This suspect fled the area in a vehicle and was involved in a property damage crash at Cedar Avenue in Lake Street. The suspect then fled westbound on E. Lake St. and got into another property damage crash at 13th and lake. The suspect then fled eastbound on Lake Street and crashed at Cedar Avenue and Lake Street causing no injuries to those involved. The suspect fled on foot and ran to another vehicle at the same location. The suspect opened the car door and the driver and passenger fled.
The suspect vehicle fled southbound on Cedar and crashed into three more vehicles at 38th and Cedar, again causing no injuries. The suspect fled on foot. Officers apprehended the suspect without the use of force. This suspect was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance. The suspect was admitted to the hospital. He has not been identified at this time.
There is an active investigation into this incident. Reports will be sent to the County Attorney upon completion of the investigation for review and charging.

Correction: Eagle-eyed reader Kyle Matteson notes the incident in the second video took place on 38th and Cedar, not on Lake Street as we'd written earlier. We regret our error as well as our utter inability to explain any of what the hell's going on in these videos.