Tentative plans for Nicollet Mall 'Dayton's Project' leaked [PHOTOS]


Leaked photos of the 'Dayton's Project' reveal that in the near future, almost everyone on Nicollet Mall will be attractive. Imgur

Minneapolis is getting a first look at what might be next for the closed Macy's space on Nicollet Mall. 

It's happening a little earlier than the people involved had planned: Photos of design plans leaked online Sunday to the website Imgur, and have since been seen by a few thousand people.

That post refers to the renovation as "The Daytons [sic] Project," and credits the images to Gensler and Associates, the design firm tasked with remaking the multi-story department store space, which sold earlier this year to New York-based developers for $59 million.

From the looks of it, they're planning to make the space into a downtown hangout destination, with drinks on upper-story balconies, a lounge area with a few comfy chairs and a couple pool tables, plus outdoor cafe-style seating on Nicollet Mall itself.

According to these artist renderings, almost everyone hanging out at this new place will be attractive, and some will be kissing each other. So, if you're into that... 

Ground level floor plans for the two-story space show one giant area marked "entertainment bowling" (!), another big spot for "retail," and 13 smaller spots set aside for for food and drink. The skyway level of the building in these renderings is reserved almost exclusively for retail spaces. Upper floors are reserved for "tenant space," so if you want to get on that rooftop, you might have to make friends with one of the (hot) people with regular access.

A spokesman for Gensler and Associates confirmed to the Star Tribune the designs are authentic, but says they "may have been used for earlier marketing materials and may or may not accurately reflect the owner's vision for the building."

Well, which is it? May they, or may they not? 

We'll have to wait until later this month to find out, as the building owners plan to release the official plans in the coming weeks. Until then, feel free to imagine yourself hangin' out with the pretty downtown people seen in these images. 

The Daytons Project (source: Gensler and Associates)

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