The Bulwark's Ilhan Omar 'rumor' shut down by glorious Andrea Jenkins tweet

DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, seen here during her time in the Minnesota House of Representatives, is under a threatened primary challenge... by someone who is supporting her re-election campaign?

DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, seen here during her time in the Minnesota House of Representatives, is under a threatened primary challenge... by someone who is supporting her re-election campaign? Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Ilhan Omar news abounds these days. Everyone wants a piece. 

Even, perhaps especially, conservatives, who seem especially obsessed by a charismatic Somali refugee who proudly speaks and tweets her mind just as much in Congress as she did outside it. Fox News will probably soon institute an "Omar quota," just so their frightened viewers can get their daily fill of terrifying news about a happy young woman with ideas about saving the environment and taxing the ultra-rich.


The latest in this category comes from "The Bulwark," a conservative "news" site so devoid of news value we're not even going to link to it in this story. Said website's "correspondent" Liz Mair penned a lazily sourced, utterly hypothetical story about Omar's potential vulnerabilty as the representative of the Minneapolis-centered district formerly held by Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Here's how Liz sees the scene: Democrats must want to oust Omar, but can only do so "in a primary," and "carefully." 

Who would run against her? Mair theorizes prominent state Sen. Ron Latz (DFL-St. Louis Park) -- noted, notably, for his Jewish-ness -- could be a candidate, though Mair (apparently already running Omar's 2020 campaign against primary candidates who don't exist) says Omar could attack him for his being a man and "anti-refugee" or "anti-Muslim." For the record, Latz has no such record, and Omar has never said anything of the like about him... but not knowing things doesn't seem to stop Mair from writing. She continues:

No, to beat Omar, someone who is obviously and identifiably a minority will need to go up against her. Possibly someone like Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins.
Jenkins is not just a transgender African-American woman; she is the first transgender African-American woman ever elected in America. She is obviously liberal. She also happens to hold an office that would be a great launching point for a congressional run. She won her election with 70 percent of the vote.
And Jenkins is now, too, the subject of a lot of chatter in Minnesota—much of it centering on whether she might, or might not, be willing to take on Omar. As of this writing, she hasn’t given any indicator. But don’t be surprised to see a recruitment effort kick off, even if right now it seems pie-in-the-sky and mostly driven by Minnesotans on the right.

If a "recruitment effort" does indeed kick off on Minnesota's right, it'd be funny to watch them try to interact with Andrea Jenkins, a trailblazing transgender success story who spent her whole struggle of a life trying to get past obstacles "the right" put in place, and progressives tried removing. She made it, and is now ensconced in the Minneapolis City Council, fighting for the priorities of her south Minneapolis ward.

And not, it seems, plotting a run against Ilhan Omar, whom she undoubtedly knows, and admires.

Let's guess the admiration is mutual. We'd ask Ilhan Omar how she feels about Andrea Jenkins, but we're going to do the same level of reporting The Bulwark did on its story: almost none at all. At least in this case, we waited to see Jenkins' response. That "LOL," is aimed at Liz Mair, her theories, and her editors.

Their plot to get Ilhan out of office as soon as possible has evidently been foiled, and instantly. Shucks. Twitter giveth and Twitter taketh away, but you've gotta love it when a politician who's overcome every hurdle sends love (and, in this case, money) to another politician who's overcome every hurdle, all while their enemies stew elsewhere, free of any real information about the local scene.

Direct flights from Washington, D.C. to Minneapolis go for as little as $83, according to Google, and people say the most populous city in Minnesota is a fine place to visit, even during winter. The people are nice, and, by some large majority, are pretty pleased with their congresswoman -- even her would-be rivals like her!