19 of the most upsetting 'meals' we've eaten since lockdown started


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On a recent afternoon (it was either two days or three weeks ago—what is time anymore?), City Pages staffers were remarking on their totally normal social distancing meals (pretzels dipped in Frank's Red Hot, seven straight days of scrambled eggs).

Expressing those not at all shameful facts to each other made us wonder: Has everyone else's eating careened into chaos?

You've seen the tweets. Lots of people out there are getting really into cooking or baking or forming some sort of emotional bond with their sourdough starter during isolation times. That's great! That's great. We're so happy for you.

As for the rest of us, well...

We've noticed lots of sad sandwiches and a higher than usual number of midday hot dogs. Foods that are decidedly not dips being used as dips, and dips being used as soups after the chips ran out. Enough cheese to maybe save the U.S. dairy industry. A few truly innovative uses for bananas.

And you know what? A lot of it sounds pretty good, if not technically good for you.

Here are 19 of our... "favorites."