Beloved U of M dive Sporty's Pub & Grill is closing



Sporty's Pub & Grill is headed for dive bar heaven. 

A beloved hangout for U of M students, Sporty's will close up shop at the end of the month, the Minnesota Daily reports. The bar has been a constant in Minneapolis' Como neighborhood under various guises—the Como Inn, Grutes Place, the Sportsman's Bar—and owners since 1963. 

Sporty's current owner, Chris Chistopherson, couldn't negotiate his lease renewal with landlord/former Sporty's proprietor Joe Radaich. 

"This is not my intent; it breaks my heart, because I feel like we're allowing an institution to die," Christopherson, who's run Sporty's since 2012, tells the Daily. "But I understand it, I understand business."

Jana Kern will soon take over the space at 2124 Como Ave. SE and reopen it as Como Tap, the Daily reports. 

Will Kern, a veteran Sporty's server, keep the overwhelming amount of wall kitsch, character-rich disrepair, and basically everything else about the current Sporty's? Here's hoping. Many Sporty's patrons have formed deep connections with the tavern, as illustrated via this loyalty campaign that features bargoers showing off their Sporty's coozies all over the world. 

Local Twitter personality @fettyschwapp even cooked up this in memoriam clip:

RIP Sporty's!