Bored with eating cake, Edina might get burgers from Shake Shack

If plans are approved, Edina could have its cake and eat it, too after devouring a Shake Shack burger.

If plans are approved, Edina could have its cake and eat it, too after devouring a Shake Shack burger. Shake Shack

When at last the Shake Shack burger chain arrived in Minnesota, fast-casual fans lost their collective shit, forming a line inside the Mall of America that looked like each order came with an iPhone.

More recent ventures to that location find the MoA Shake Shack line-free, but thriving. Evidently the New York-based chain thinks this area's appetite for burgers is not yet sated. They're plotting the opening of a second Shake Shack in Minnesota, and again targeting one of the Twin Cities' famous malls.

GoMN reports on preliminary plans submitted to the city of Edina to open a 5,000-plus-square-foot Shake Shack in Southdale Center mall -- America's first! --  which, if approved, would transform the very shape of the shopping center.  

Shake Shack wants to build on top of an existing parking lot, and its development design calls for "new sidewalks" connecting to the mall, an "exterior patio" space, and "reconfiguration of the nearby intersections along with the mall ring road and utilities to serve the restaurant." That patio space might even "incorporate items such as ping pong tables and foosball tables to create a sense of gathering and fun," proving that city planning documents aren't fun even when they are describing the very idea of fun.

Shake Shack adds: "This [hamburger] redevelopment will address the [burger] objectives of the Southdale Area District and benefit the [burger hungry] residents and visitors to Edina, adjacent property owners and tenants [who want cheeseburgers after they buy shoes]." 

[Editor's note: Burger references added for clarity.]

Southdale's dining scene is dominated by chain restaurants. In November 2015, a family-owned spot called Z Italiano tried breaking that trend. It lasted six months.

Shake Shack intends to open as a "standalone" building adjacent to the mall, and its plans suggest a food destination could "drive a strong pedestrian lunchtime crowd during the week" by luring people from nearby offices.

The building would look like this.

The burgers inside would look like this.

GoMN says Shake Shack will submit more detailed plans to Edina later this year. A spokeswoman for Shake Shack corporate tells City Pages, "We don't have any [burger] news at the moment."

[See above editor's note about burger brackets.]

Below, watch a short documentary about Edina's culinary history.