Bye, Prime 6

Prime 6 is closed, but if you're like us, you probably forgot it even existed.

Prime 6 is closed, but if you're like us, you probably forgot it even existed.

Did you ever eat or drink at Prime 6?

Not enough of you did, evidently, because the downtown Minneapolis restuarant/bar that replaced Rosa Mexicano, which lasted all of five years after replacing a T.G.I. Friday's, is now dead.

Do you remember when Minneapolis was the kind of city that needed a huge T.G.I. Friday's parked on one of its biggest, busiest downtown corners? Neither do we. 

Before that, different places have occupied the block, including the since-deceased Chi-Chi's, the restaurant that employed outgoing Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek on the night he attacked an immigrant while yelling racial slurs. (Bye, Rich.) 

The area around Hennepin Avenue and Sixth Street is adjacent to cool stuff: a light rail transit line, a basketball gym, a few good law firms and advertising companies, a baseball park, a Target store and a Target headquarters, a few decent strip clubs, a good newspaper, a bad newspaper, a well-liked concert venue, and an expensive, spaceship-looking football stadium that replaced a blimp/blister-looking football stadium

And yet, it seems not enough of the downtown class wanted to eat or drink at Prime 6, whose owner told the Star Tribune's Rick Nelson he was "devastated" to announce his restaurant's quick closure, and felt sad for his "clientele." And if he had more clientele, they'd still be open as a restaurant and business. Alas, they're not.

Here's how Rick Nelson described the restaurant's intentions, in case you were wondering what you'd been missing:

The restaurant featured an around-the-world menu, everything from potstickers and quesadillas to burgers, sushi, pasta and steaks (“The Pangea of food,” Darbaki told the Star Tribune last fall, prior to the restaurant’s launch) and had just launched a Sunday gospel brunch.

Our advice? If you want to sample food from around the world? Try going to... different restaurants, which feature a single kind of food from... around... the... world. Or try going around the world. Shop for cheap flights.

Now seems like the right time to point out that Prime 6 was almost immediately, and repeatedly, accused of not paying its employees on time, if at all. We'd say we will miss its presence downtown, but that'd be a lie, because we never even stopped in for a drink. Not even when it was really cold and the Super Bowl was in town. Neither did enough of you, apparently.

Oh, well.