City Pages headline is now a beer


"You get off on bringing people misery and destroying art, and you are choosing a target that can't defend itself." Mows

It takes an especially joyless villain to destroy street art intended to bring unexpected happiness and whimsy to the masses. Now, a beer has been created to throw shade at one especially shitty bad guy on the Twin Cities scene.

"We're releasing an IIIPA," Dangerous Man Brewing Co. state from its site. "This one is so bitter, it'll steal your joy and turn you towards evil. Much like Minneapolis' own Joyless Villain."

It all started last month. Since moving from the West Coast to the Twin Cities, artist Mos has been creating tiny door installations and placing them around town. There have been little doors outside of breweries, a Prince tribute door near First Avenue, and a ladybug-decorated one on a sidewalk near some greenery in the North Loop.

When City Pages checked in with Mos on his project, we learned that some dude, who we dubbed a "joyless villain," had been finding the doors, tearing them down, and boasting about it online. The internet rage from lovers of adorable art was so intense that this bad guy began to fear for his safety.

So now, in honor of all the shitty people out there, Dangerous Man Brewing Co. has created a super-alcoholic beer, Joyless Villain IIIPA, which will be released this Thursday.

It's a pricey beer at $8 a serving, but you get your money's worth with its epic 11.3 percent alcohol volume (5.6 percent is common in beer) and 113 IBUs (that means it's hoppy).

During the party at Dangerous Man on Thursday you'll be able to try the brew, and there will be live screen printing of T-shirts with the logo. You can bring a tee or buy one at the event. The party runs from 4 to 10 p.m. 

Meanwhile, the real Joyless Villain is still at large. 

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