Best dishes countdown #66: Eggs Benedict at Grand Cafe

Eggs Benedict at Grand Cafe is quietly classy.

Eggs Benedict at Grand Cafe is quietly classy.

Long before brunch became something to wear on your shirtsleeve, a hipper-than-thou excuse for Instagram and day drinking, there was Grand Cafe. Theirs was one of the first to make the notion of brunch seem like a good reason to put on pants on a Sunday. They do things better and more elegantly than your girlfriend does them, but not in an over-the-top way. Grand's brunch is quiet, in the way that only true professionals can make things quiet, yet exquisite. Classic as a silver set, these things never go out of style. 

You won't find Flaming Cheetos crushed into your French Toast batter or habanero chiles pureed into the hollandaise. Instead, pancakes are floppy and luminous as an Easter hat, and eggs en cocotte are several layers of nirvana: poached eggs, puffed pastry, Gruyere, truffle cream, ham, and sourdough.

But it's the Benedict that always gets us, for its solid and clean integrity. Hollandaise is lemony and light as froth, poachers are always spot on and never, ever cooked through, and the choice of ham, gravlax, and even bacon, is yours. 

It's served with asparagus spears for a balanced meal, as well as their signature potatoes that are crisp at the edge and creamy as mousse within, thanks to the genius inner workings of their antique bakery oven.

And, coffee flows like water. You'll have to beg your server to stop. 

Grand Cafe 

3804 Grand Ave S. Minneapolis 


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