Surly's pizza restaurant opens so very soon


This is not a look inside the pizza place, which is under construction. But if you were standing in said pizza place, this might be your view. Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

"We have a name and an opening date for our pizza restaurant," the Surly Brewing team posted on Facebook earlier this week. "Find both at the link, or read the following two sentences: It's called Surly Pizza Upstairs. It opens March 30th."

Now, you might find yourself saying, as some of us here at City Pages did, "I don't understand the name. Is this some sort of pizza restaurant that's not on the main level?"

It's confusing, right? Like, why the ambiguity?

Well, folks, we took one for the team. We clicked that link. Here's what we learned: "It’s called Surly Pizza Upstairs because it’s on the second floor."


...In all seriousness, this is the restaurant from Surly executive chef Ben Peine that's replacing Brewer's Table, the critically acclaimed finer-dining gem (one of Food & Wine’s top 10 best new restaurants of 2016) that closed in 2017. Surly has been teasing it since September—moreso recently—via posters that taunted you each time you hit the bathroom with a reminder that you were so, so close to having a pizza place on the premises. Just. Not yet. 

Anyway! That changes March 30, when Peine starts slinging those wood-fired, New Haven-style 'zas. Surly reps say they'll have more menu and grand opening info soon.

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