This sucks! Taco Cat is closing forever.

Sasha Landskov

Sasha Landskov

At the risk of editorializing: Taco Cat announced Tuesday that it's closing forever after September and we think that sucks. 

"It’s not an easy decision, but we feel it’s the right one," TC's owners wrote in a farewell Facebook post. "We’re excited to finish strong and spend this last month we you all. Think of it as a goodbye tour. We really appreciate all of you and all the support you’ve given us over the last six and a half years. We love you all very much. "

Launched in 2014 by former Jimmy John's workers, Taco Cat specializes in delivering street tacos via bike throughout south Minneapolis. The punk-rock, palindromic taco shop parlayed that success into a Midtown Global Market stand and food truck. 

Taco Cat won our coveted Best Drunk Food prize back in 2016 and, interestingly, our Best Cure for a Hangover award one year prior. Click here to revisit our '16 feature on how they mastered the taco/burrito/nacho delivery biz.

You can still score Taco Cat — either delivery, takeout from MGM, or truckside — from 4-8 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday... for another six or so weeks. 

COVID-19, which we'll go on record as saying also sucks, of course, is devastating the already fragile local restaurant industry.