Twin Cities bakery delivers perfect, edible toilet paper cakes

Remember: Do not eat real toilet paper.

Remember: Do not eat real toilet paper. Courtesy Nadia Cakes / @nadiacakescupcakes

In search of a topical treat worthy of squirreling away (or benevolent re-gifting)? Look no further than these local beauts.

At this point, Nadia Cakes’ chef-owner Abby Jimenez has a reputation for churning out baked goods that make customers grin before they dive in. It all began when Jimenez won Cupcake Wars in 2012. Then she blessed the world with that viral-sensation “vageode” cake a couple years ago. Now the era of plague has given us these ultra-realistic toilet paper cakes.

“We sold so many TP cakes that the first time we posted them we sold out within the first 20 minutes—like the real TP, in the real world,” Jimenez told City Pages, with a laugh.

Luckily Nadia Cakes has more at the ready. “We are offering them for April Fools Day and beyond, but we’re very well stocked up for April Fools Day,” she said. “I wouldn’t say that we can guarantee that we won’t sell out, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get one if you hit us up on either [March 31 or April 1].” 

Though Jimenez was quick to point out that Charmin-inspired confections are something of a nationwide trend at the moment, we appreciate the range of availability Nadia Cakes presents for the Twin Cities, and their willingness to play during a difficult time. The rest of their April Fools menu will be revealed via social media, but will include Cheeseburger Whoopie Pies, Unicorn Fart Cupcakes, and more.

Those TP cakes are available in two sizes, and come in either vanilla or chocolate. From the outside, both appear identical thanks to scratch-made vanilla bean and butter cream frosting, and an exterior of marshmallow fondant. (Sorry, no chocolate smears here, juvenile-minded reader/author!) A gluten-free option is also available.

Both Maple Grove and Woodbury’s Nadia Cakes locations are open for curbside pickup and delivery. 

“We’re giving everybody hazard pay and really whether or not we stay open, we’re leaving it entirely up to the team. It’s about them,” Jimenez said. “This is how we do any of our closures, whether it be a holiday or a bad weather day…. For the most part we let them be the ones who decide what goes on in their stores.”

In the mood for a little mischief? Nadia Cakes has set up online ordering and delivery within a generous radius of the Twin Cities. Your favorite hoarder might just thank you… maybe.