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  • Freshwater Theatre brings issues about rape, racial profiling, and a broken justice system to the stage

    Megan Shepard is raped in a neighborhood park. Police focus their attention on Jabari Woods, a black man with a criminal history who happens to... More >>

  • Five plays to get you excited about the coming season

    More than a hundred shows are slated to open over the next few months at Twin Cities theaters. Some of the shows that most excite me: Marcus, or... More >>

  • The Broadway hit from the creators of South Park is still hot as ever

    It's not surprising that the duo of Trey Parker and Matt Stone came up with something as delightfully profane as The Book of Mormon. The South... More >>

  • A family deals with a difficult decision in Urban Samurai's return to the stage

    When it launched in 2005, Urban Samurai quickly became known for producing off-the-beaten-path shows that would have otherwise fallen through the... More >>

  • Our top picks from week two of the theater extravaganza

    The strong start to the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival continued through its second week, with plenty of shows that not only attracted strong... More >>

  • The best yet from this year’s festival

    With 169 shows, the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival offers dizzying possibilities. The best I've seen thus far: Crime and Punishment The latest... More >>

  • The new production of the classic Sondheim musical embraces its roots while turning it on its head

    You likely wouldn't equate Stephen Sondheim's elegant A Little Night Music with the rousing, simple spectacle of Miss Saigon, unless it was for... More >>

  • The Wolf of Walmart illustrates soul-crushing reality through spot-on sketches

    Perhaps it's telling that the political mood of the latest Brave New Workshop revue, The Wolf of Walmart, is one of exhaustion. In an early... More >>

  • Shadow Horse brings a clown on the road to hell to Nimbus Theatre

    At its best, Clive Barker's Crazyface should be a mix of Candide and a Hieronymus Bosch painting — a picaresque journey right into the... More >>

  • City Pages' theater critic shows theater is better than anything on a flat-screen TV

    The basement of the Soap Factory in Minneapolis isn't the most inviting place to see a show. The concrete floor saps the heat from your feet,... More >>

  • The Jungle puts on a gorgeous production of 19th-century life

    Catherine Sloper would seem to have it all. She's the sole child of a wealthy doctor who has a sizeable inheritance from her late mother and... More >>

  • 7th House Theater gives the show a fresh new take

    The young Turks at 7th House Theater have taken the DNA of the horror-musical Little Shop of Horrors and twisted it into a fresh mutant, creating... More >>

  • The Lab at Lowry Place hosts Illusion Theater's beloved play

    In 2010, Illusion Theater presented a tightly crafted adaptation of Willa Cather's My Ántonia that delighted audiences and would go on to... More >>

  • The troupe puts on an engaging and joyful production of Shakespeare

    Saturday's wet and gloomy weather didn't provide a great platform for outdoor theater, but Theatre Pro Rata's production of Twelfth Night in... More >>

  • Seuss-themed anarchy comes back to the Children's Theatre Company

    Rainy days can be a bust, especially if all of your plans were based on having fun outdoors. For the two youngsters in Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the... More >>

  • For a show about a bunch of inebriates, it's engaging, fun, and memorable

    Over the past couple of years, Dark & Stormy Productions has emerged as a small theater company with the clout to get top Twin Cities talent to... More >>

  • The company's newest show takes audiences to the basement of the Soap Factory

    It's no coincidence that to get to Theatre Coup d'Etat's latest production, you have to walk down a somewhat dark and worn concrete staircase at... More >>

  • The new play at Open Book is a fast-paced adventure that asks a lot of questions

    At turns larger-than-life and familiar, Kira Obolensky's Dirt Sticks digs into how the past can tie you down but second chances can free the... More >>

  • Four Humors' new show shoots for the stars

    Saturday afternoon at the Minneapolis Comic Con, William Shatner gave a rambling, nearly incoherent speech on the importance of the American... More >>

  • The story of a wannabe rocker on a journey of self-discovery in 1970s Europe comes to the Mixed Blood stage

    A few months after Tyler Michaels gave a breakout performance as the Emcee in Theatre Latte Da's Cabaret, fellow up-and-coming Twin Cities actor... More >>

  • Frank Theatre returns to the Southern with a phenomenal Brecht production

    For Frank Theatre, performing at the Southern is a bit like coming home. The theater company spent most of its early years there, and has more... More >>

  • The Nimbus Theater production offers an intriguing if uneven look at diversity

    While the Twin Cities' stages still tend to be lily-white, more creators of color are finding spaces for their work. After facing well-deserved... More >>

  • Director Lou Bellamy's newest show presents a flawed but intriguing look at the leader's last night

    In a dingy hotel room on his last night on Earth, Martin Luther King Jr. is about to have a singular, metaphysical experience in The Mountaintop,... More >>

  • Charlie Bethel's production of the classic story is invigorating

    [Editor's note: Due to illness, the remaining performances have been canceled.] Charlie Bethel hasn't spent 10 years adrift on the "wine-dark... More >>

  • Children's Theatre Company creates some dark magic

    As a sentient scarecrow with an attitude right out of Candide, Dean Holt has found the perfect showcase for his talents in the latest from the... More >>

  • The classic play proves to be subtle but stunning at the Lab Theater

    It's easy to be cynical about Our Town, Thornton Wilder's look at the rhythms of small-town life in turn-of-the-20th-century New England. Over... More >>

  • Savage Umbrella's show does judgment day for creatives

    Long the province of conservative Christians, the idea of the Rapture — an event in which part of the world's population is taken away... More >>

  • Open Eye Figure Theatre proves cautionary tales can be fun, too

    Michael Sommers is a theatrical mad scientist. There is no other way to describe it. In his laboratory at Open Eye Figure Theatre, he —... More >>

  • Pillsbury House Theatre's latest production takes on the tragedies of youth suicide

    The clues to untangling Gidion's Knot are there from the get-go. A fifth-grade classroom, packed with colorful posters of the students' current... More >>

  • Ten Thousand Things turns the classic production on its head -- and it's great

    I've seen plenty of productions of Meredith Wilson's The Music Man over the years — one of the first shows I ever saw was a community... More >>

  • Penumbra Theatre opens its 2014 season

    A sense of dread hangs over every moment of The Ballad of Emmett Till, even before the lights come up on Penumbra Theatre's triumphant... More >>

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